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The Modern World of Counselling including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Counselling and CBT were once the exclusive domain of the professional therapist, but no longer. New insights into human behaviour have helped remove the subject's mystique, making the activity more client-focused and therefore more approachable as a topic of training. With the courses, techniques and support of the Institute's tutors, counselling skills or CBT skills can be acquired by anyone ready and willing to learn.

The Background of Current Students

We currently have students from: nursing, teaching, social work, voluntary sector, clergy and pastoral, human resources, prison services, probationary services, police officers … as well as people simply looking to make a career change or extend their current qualifications.

What kind of course do I need? How will I learn? What can you offer me?

  1. Our Certificate Course is appropriate when a student is either entering counselling or has a specific need such as expanding knowledge and skills in grief and bereavement counselling.
  2. Our Diploma Course is appropriate when a student wishes to extend their level of expertise and practice beyond certificate and gain more indepth knowledge and skills. 
  3. What is our method of teaching?
  4. If English is not my dominant language what proficiency level do I need to complete the course?
  5. What is the difference between CPD courses and University Accredited Courses?
  6. Do the courses attract ILA Funding?
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          New Courses
   Certificate in Addiction Counselling
(SCQF Credit Rated)

  • Charles Campbell - Prison Office, H.M. Prison Barlinnie

    I am a Prison Officer currently stationed at H.M. Prison Barlinnie, Glasgow. I was first attracted to the Institute's distance learning Diploma course because of the reasonable financial cost. I have been very impressed by the audio, video and written course material.

    The course structure took me through each lesson at a pace which was comfortable and allowed me the opportunity to explore ...

  • Jan Sutton (Author and Counsellor)

    “The course has helped me develop my counselling skills. It has added a completely new dimension to my work, and my confidence has grown in leaps and bounds.”
  • Patricia Dye

    “Being able to study at my own pace has been the secret of me successfully completing the first module.....”
  • Wesley Loane, Chaplain/Director, Centrepoint Outreach

    “Allow me to praise the efficiency and effort shown enabling me to attain these counselling skills from the Institute.
    I needed a qualification and chose the Institute, which has turned out to be  so constructive and beneficial.”
  • Susan Ann Hobbs, Western Australia

    I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Institute for giving me the opportunity to study counselling skills. The staff at the Institute have always been helpful when I have telephoned or emailed. I would particularly like to thank Alan Smith and Kenneth Harrison  for the time they gave me in the early part of my course.
  • Sister Carol Mouat

    “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the staff for putting together this brilliant assignment.”
  • Eileen Mortimer, St Helens

    I learned a great deal from the course. I can apply these skills in my day-to-day nursing practice. The course notes were easy to follow, concise and relevant. The videos supplemented the different perspective. My tutor’s comments were constructive. I enjoyed the entire course and can now apply the basic counselling skills in my nursing practice.”
  • Robert Winstanley Debt Counsellor

    If it wasn’t for the Institute of Counselling there is no way that I would be where I am today. I want to express my deepest, sincerest and upmost gratitude and thanks to everyone. I am really looking forward to continuing and constant development ...

  • Carolyn Gray Director of HR, Pensions and Sustainability - Guardian Media Group

     I have now taken 4 courses with you in the last 18 months. I have found the materials to be very good quality and this allied to the expert tutorial support I received, helped me to develop my skills and provide an improved counselling service for my staff. I would highly recommend the Institute for aspiring and experienced counsellors.

Courses in High Demand

Where we achieve high demands for individual courses we are able to offer these at a lower price. Throughout July 2015:

Students enrolling on our Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring - UE1000 receive a 20% discount off full price. When enrolling on-line enter discount code JUL20OFF

Students enrolling on our Diploma In Clinical and Pastoral Counselling Skills - Course 5000N receive a 20% discount off full price. When enrolling on-line, enter discount code JUL20OFF

Students enrolling in our Certificate in Counselling (UWS Accredited) - Course UW200 receive a 20% discount off full price. When enrolling on-line enter discount code JUL20OFF

Loyalty Reward
For second and subsequent courses we offer all students a 10% discount across our range of courses however this cannot be used in addition to any “spotlight” discounts.
If you are enrolling on-line please request your discount code by telephoning (0141 204 2230) or send an email to

Group Discount
If 5 or more of you wish to enrol on any of our courses (these can be different courses for each of you) at the same time we will give the following discounts:

  • 5-9 we will give 15% off
  • 10 - 30 we will give 20% off
  • 30+ we will give 25% off

Please note if the course requested is already discounted we will give the higher of the two discounts to the relevant course. 

The Institute of Counselling

The Institute of Counselling has over 25 years of experience in offering education and training courses in counselling theory and practice. More recently our programme has been expanded to include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at both Certificate and Diploma Level.

We have current students from the NHS, Teaching, Human Resources, Social Work, Voluntary Sector and other caring professions from all over the world with successful students now numbering over 30,000.

Additionally we can work with organisations in customising training and education to meet specific needs e.g. Helping HR functions manage the growing problems of Attendance Management using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. We also offer Coaching, Mentoring and other helping intervention courses. 

Depending on needs we offer on-line courses supporting Continuous Professional Development as well as University accredited modules making up the Certificates and Diplomas awarded by the Institute. They cover the spectrum of counselling knowledge and skills from foundation level to more specific topics such as grief and bereavement, couples and families and crisis and trauma.

"The course has helped me develop my counselling skills. It has added a completely new dimension to my work and my confidence has grown leaps and bounds."

- Jan Sutton Author and Counsellor

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