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Distance Learning Process

A combination of Distance and Online Learning has been proven over many years to be a particularly efficient method of learning. Above all, it is uniquely flexible and adaptable to your own personal needs and the pace and environment within which you prefer to work.

1. You enrol

You join thousands of other Institute of Counselling students enjoying all the advantages of distance/online learning. Follow the straightforward procedure shown and post or e-mail your Enrolment Application.

2. You Become A Registered Student with the College

Your details will be assessed, and a personal Tutor will be allocated to you. Within days* you will receive your first study materials, including your Assignments, and clear instructions so that you can start learning right away.

3. You Start Learning Your New Skills

Immediately, you will see why your training materials are so valuable - they are not textbooks, but specially written training manuals in PDF for easy distance/online learning. You will be asked to complete an Assignment covering the new information you have learned. You then just post or email your Assignment, which your tutor will assess and mark.

4. Your Personal Tutor Encourages And Advises

Your tutor, who will be helping you through your course, is an expert in his or her own field. Additionally tutors are also experienced in teaching and supporting by distance/online learning. Your assignment will be marked, a grade awarded, and it will be returned to you with all the comments, feedback and guidance that you will need. And if you have any specific queries or problems just ask your tutor... as often as you like throughout the course.

5. You Continue To Learn More

You will learn new skills, demonstrating your rapidly increasing knowledge of your chosen subject. As you progress, further training materials are supplied if applicable, and these build up into a valuable reference library which is yours to keep. Your Tutor will guide and encourage you throughout your course.

6. Certificate and Diploma Awards

With your pace of study attuned to your own needs, you will soon find that you have completed your course. Provided that your Assignments have received adequate grades you will be awarded your CERTIFICATE or DIPLOMA from the Institute demonstrating your proven knowledge and skills. Above all, you will have enjoyed your learning experience.

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