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Terms and Conditions
1. All course materials become the property of the student on the understanding that copyright materials may not be used by others. Course materials may be used in group work only with the express permission of the Institute.
2. Course fees must be paid in UK Sterling. Fees paid are not refundable except during the first two weeks after registration, less any reasonable costs incurred related to the services we provide.
3. Where software and/or online courses have been accessed no refunds will be considered for this particular item.
4. A transfer to another course of comparable value will always be considered but may be subject to an administration fee.
5. Upon receipt of cancellation notice, we will process the refund due to you within 30 days of our receipt of your written notice of cancellation. You must also return any course related materials.
6. In cases where it is found the services are not the reason for cancelling, a charge of £55 per cancelled course will be made to cover costs incurred by the Institute of Counselling
7. Course fees include all course materials and tuition services for the duration of this course (See 9).
8. Scheduled Instalments must be paid monthly as stated in the fee list. Lack of progress on the course does not affect the liability to complete the scheduled instalment payments as agreed on the agreed dates.
9. All scheduled monthly Instalment payments collectively represent the course fee.
10. The Institute reserves the right to request references from applicants.
11. All applications are subject to approval from the Admissions Secretary before enrolment.
11. The Institute reserves the right to alter, substitute or amend course materials or resources without prior notice.
12. Course duration is:  6 months for a certificate course

12 months for a two module course

18 months for a three module course

24 months for a four or four module course

Your statutory rights under UK law are not affected by these conditions of enrolment.

It's Easy to Enrol

Select your preferred course and complete the Enrolment Application. Decide whether to pay the full course fee on enrolment or by monthly payment - details are given in the Post it, or phone it. If you are paying by credit card you can email the application, or call our Student Services Department on (+44) 0141 204 2230 . We look forward to hearing from you.

Your Guarantee

The Institute of Counselling promises to:

  1. Provide all training resources covering the full contents of the course, in stages, as studying progresses.
  2. Provide all tuition services, and marking of all assignments until successful completion of the course.
  3. Provide, on successful completion of the course, the Institute of Counselling's Certificate and / or Diploma.
  4. Provide these services until the successful completion of the course or for a maximum of: Six months for a single module course, One year for a two-module course, One and a half years for a three-module course, Two and a half years for a four-module course, whichever is shorter.

All the services above are guaranteed, provided that the Conditions of Enrolment are met.

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