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How can I become a Member?

You can apply for membership of the Institute of Counselling by selecting a membership grade and then requesting one of our short application forms. You can select a membership application form by contacting our Membership Secretary at the following email address: 

Can I join the Institute of Counselling's membership if I am a member of another organisation?

Yes, if you are a member of a recognised professional body, you can join the Institute of Counselling's Membership.

What home study qualifications do you accept?

We accept qualifications that are academically accredited/regulated by awarding national qualifications frameworks, some of which are Ofqual, SQA, SCQF, CQFW, where it can be evidenced that a level and number of credits has been awarded by a national qualifications framework. CPD awards and events that you have attended and that can be evidenced will also be taken into account along with other information, in determining an appropriate membership grade. 

What payment methods can I use to apply for membership?

We accept payment for membership by credit/debit card, bank transfer or by PayPal. We can accept employer sponsorship funding. Please contact us by email at or by telephone on 0141 204 2230 if you require an invoice to be generated and we can provide further information on your next steps.

Can I join if I can't find my certificates?

Please contact us if you cannot locate your certificates if this is required as part of the membership grade that you have selected. We may be able to assist you in possible other forms of evidence, that you can provide as proof of your awards. 

Will my previous experience and qualifications be taken into account when applying for membership of the Institute of Counselling?

Yes, your experience within your field or industry along with your awards and qualifications will be taken into account, when suggesting what level of membership grade would be most appropriate for you. Please visit our Membership Grades page for more information: Membership Grades

Can I join the Institute of Counselling's Membership if I do not have Public Liability Insurance?

For some grades of Membership, it is suggested that you have Public Liability Insurance, however for other grades of Membership this is not mandatory.

A sustainable value approach

The Institute of Counselling is a registered charity who adopts an environmentally friendly approach to our work.

Many of our administrative processes and services can be done online, which supports our environmentally friendly approach to our processes and systems, whilst also supporting greater efficiency in our communications and services to both our members and students. This enables the Institute of Counselling to provide a flexible approach to supporting both member and student needs. 

This approach adopted by the Institute of Counselling also enables us to provide excellent value to members regarding our annual membership fees. 

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