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Practice Supervision

What is Practice Supervision?

Supervision is an important and established part of building upon and enhancing your current therapeutic role and career.

Regular supervision can provide practitioners with a supportive relationship, which enables them to reflect on their practice and communicate any concerns. Regular supervision can also assist you with any potential stress and burnout you might experience within your role.

Practice Supervision Within your Role

Supervision from an experienced supervisor can be an essential element of your personal and professional development. It is also an important aspect of safeguarding as a practitioner, within the talking therapy profession.

Practice supervision can also be important for enhancing your career. Whether you are a practitioner beginning to see new clients or are an experienced practitioner, supervision will be crucial for reflecting, gaining new insights and thinking analytically about your work.

Practice Supervision from the Institute of Counselling

The Institute of Counselling can provide students, who have successfully completed one of our credit rated or university accredited counselling courses, with an experienced counselling supervisor. Your counselling supervisor will work with you to develop a unique, supportive and valuable supervisory relationship.

If you would like further details, then please contact the Institute of Counselling to begin the process of assigning you with a practice supervisor.

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