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Employee Sponsorship - Institute of Counselling courses

Employee skills and continual professional development

Employees looking to develop new skills for their role and career can be sponsored by an employer onto an Institute of Counselling (IoC) course. 

Employees can choose from a wide range of flexible, high quality counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy courses and training, including specialised areas of counselling to support individual employee needs and skills requirements.

If you are employed within a relevant field or/and in the caring, helping professions your employer might be able to assist you with paying all or some of your course fees.
Higher education qualifications along with experience can greatly assist you in advancing and moving forward within your career, field and chosen profession.

The wide range of courses and training options that the Institute of Counselling (IoC) provides can be aligned with career goals and organisational needs.

Registering for a Course Through Sponsorship

To register for a course through sponsorship, please contact us at and provide the following information about your organisation: your organisations address, who the invoice is for the attention of and this person's email address and the course number. You can also contact us by telephone on 0141 204 2230.

We can generate an invoice to send to your organisation when we have received the information mentioned above, by email or telephone.

Partial Sponsorship

If your employer is providing partial sponsorship of your course then you will need to ensure you have another payment method secured to fund the remainder of your course fees.

How the Institute of Counselling can help you

The Institute of Counselling has a Student Services Team and a Course Development Team who have a vast range of experience in assisting students to find the right course to meet their learning needs.

The Institute of Counselling's Student Services Team has vast experience in working with organisations to facilitate flexible learning to meet both employee and organisational needs. 

Staff Group Enrolments

Employers can contact our Student Advisers to discuss our courses and training by telephone on 0141 204 2230, our Student Advisors can provide further information regarding the process of booking staff members onto one of our courses. You can also contact us by email at:  


Contact Details

If you would like to speak to us regarding employer sponsorship of a course or for further information about booking onto a course, please contact us:

Telephone on +44 (0) 141 204 2230 



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