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Some of our students comments...
"Being a psychology resident, this course has broadened my knowledge and skills in counselling psychology. I have come to know clearly what should be said and done during different types of counselling sessions. Materials are really thorough and my tutor provided me great amount of support and guidelines. Administrative staff are also extremely helpful. I am very glad that I have taken this course."
Justina Orr,
Hong Kong
"At interviews for jobs it would seem that many employers are interested when I mention that I was currently studying mentoring. I believe they are trying to encourage their employees to stay and grow within their companies."
Kristina Campbell,
"Allow me to praise the efficiency and effort shown enabling me to attain these counselling skills from the Institute. I needed a qualification and chose the Institute, which has turned out to be so constructive and beneficial."
Wesley Loane,
Chaplain/Director, Centrepoint Outreach
"I had a brilliant Tutor who always gave me good feedback and different ways of thinking about my assignments.The course work was easy to read and follow with exercises and assignments which were both enjoyable and challenging. I really enjoyed this course"
Gail Elizabeth Riley,
Wilmshaw Cheshire
"I have always found the course notes, regardless of what module I was studying, very informative , easy to read and comprehend along with any additional material that is included."
Dawne Waddell,
"I learned a great deal from the course. I can apply these skills in my day-to-day nursing practice. The course notes were easy to follow, concise and relevant. The videos supplemented the different perspective. My tutor’s comments were constructive. I enjoyed the entire course and can now apply the basic counselling skills in my nursing practice."
Eileen Mortimer,
St Helens
"Course notes were superb, well presented, interesting and something I will keep and re-read many times. Each module opened up a world of self-discovery, new understanding with my Tutor giving wonderful encouragement throughout."
Hazel McCorrisken,
Helensburgh, Dental Nurse
"This is my third course I have undertaken via the Institute of Counselling and I have to say that the academic material is excellent and I would highly recommend anyone interested in Counselling or CBT to look at the Institute as their first choice."
Dr Claudio Martinez,
New South Wales
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