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Hazel McCorrisken – My Continuing Personal Journey

A few years ago, a friend in our Church mentioned the Glasgow Institute of Counselling - I never knew it existed.

I spent a whole year pondering, looking up the website, wondering if I had the courage to apply to study.

Eventually, one day, I did - and it was the beginning of a wonderful journey of discovery and hopefulness ..that I am still travelling on, one which I feel will never end.

I have been so, so, lucky having Mr William Stewart as my Tutor.

I can remember sending in my very first assignment to William and emailing him to say I might need a little longer as I had not completed it very well - his reply, was, of course, - "have a go, look up and aim high!”

Vicky Mould – Humanistic Counsellor

I am a former student of the Institute of Counselling (IOC), yet still actively involved with the organisation as I am the admin for the Students Facebook group.

I studied the Diploma in Counselling course and my overall experience was a very positive one. I found both tutors and admin staff very pleasant in nature and always helpful. The feedback for my assignments was always speedy, informative and very constructive, and my tutor was clearly experienced in counselling.

As a Counsellor in my own private practice, I can say that the IOC offer a solid base in which to understand a variety of counselling skills, and the course material is really comprehensive. The courses can be used to enhance your work, particularly if you are already in the helping professions, and they are also a great starting point for learning about counselling. It is also worth noting that many of the courses have been quality checked by the National Counselling Society, and some are accredited by Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of the West of Scotland.

Now the admin for the Students Facebook group, I can say that I regularly see positive reviews about the courses, and quite often people will end one course and embark on another. If you are currently studying with the IOC and haven’t popped into the Facebook group, perhaps come along and join us.

If you are considering doing an online continuing professional development course in counselling, I would recommend the IOC in a heartbeat. I have seen a few online courses, yet none as good as those offered by the IOC. If you want to know more, please visit

Without the support of the IOC, I can truly say that I would not have been able to launch my own online professional development courses. They were the first organisation to recognise my work in the area of M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and indeed promote it. As a result of them supporting and circulating details of my courses, I have had the pleasure of training a number of IOC Students in what I feel is a very important area. I have been able to reach out to a wider audience with the support of the IOC, and because the Students have such a diverse background, it’s made my work really interesting and enjoyable. The IOC have been influential in this part of my professional journey, and for that I am really grateful. When you are embarking on a new venture, it’s always helpful to have someone like the IOC on your side. You can find out about my courses via

Dr Mark Biddiss – Coach, Mentor and Trainer

Complementing my nearly 30 years in education training and teaching, and after I gained your diploma in Cognitive Coaching and Mentoring, my wife Nikki (currently studying the Cert in Coaching) and I used the 'credentials' to devise and deliver a 'Coaching and Mentoring for Teachers' training half-day and whole day options for school teachers, complete with full teachers' notes. This adds to our range of teacher training options - see the following URL for details on our website:

I completed the three-part course with you in March 2014 and have thus far delivered three such training days (two days delivered the week before last) with a fourth booked in for October - and earned £2,200 already. Not bad. A quick glance at the teachers' evaluations showed that almost all gave the day an overall good/excellent rating. Our aim is to receive excellent evaluations for all our work.

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