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Certificate in Christian Mindfulness

The Certificate in Christian Mindfulness is an accredited course which explores how biblical theology, faith and meditation relate to mindfulness practice. The material will lead you through study, reflection and a guided weekly meditation practice. In a world filled with busyness, stress and pressure the benefits of mindfulness are now accepted as scientifically proven and literally re-wire the brain to function with greater peace, self-awareness and calm.

This course is offered in partnership with Christian Mindfulness. See here for more details


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Course Number: CRCM
Course Fee: £279.00
You can pay the full price or pay a deposit of £279.00 (0% APR), followed by 1 monthly payments of £0
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Course Content
Introductory Online Unit - Christian Mindfulness
Unit 1 - Are You Living On AutoPilot?
Unit 2 - Mindfulness Of Body, Soul And Spirit
Unit 3 - Do You Believe What You Think?
Unit 4 - Moving Through Life’s Challenges
Unit 5 - The Life Transforming Power Of Kindness
Unit 6 - A Thankful And Contemplative Life

When you purchase the Accredited Version you get -

  • Access to the Seven Unit Online Course Accredited Version
  • Access to the Free Meditations Menu
  • Access to the Advanced Meditations Menu
  • Access to the Lection Divina Scripture Meditations Menu

Each Unit of the course includes a Video Presentation, Weekly Meditation Practice, Suggested Reading Programme and various Assignment Questions

The Assignments involve a Practice Portfolio of Assignment Questions for each unit, 3 Formative Assignment Questions (500 words each) and one final Tutor Marked Assessment (TMA, 3000 words).

Materials supplied with this course
A login password will be provided by your tutor after enrolment to access the online content.

Accredited or CPD
The Certificate in Christian Mindfulness is awarded by the Institute of Counselling. The module is credit rated at SCQF level 7 (1st year BA/BSc) with 20 credit points.

Cost - £279.00

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