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Student Complaints Policy and Procedure

How to make a formal complaint - Stage 1 

The first stage is to communicate your complaint in writing. We do not normally take formal complaints over the phone as we need an accurate record of your concerns, to make sure that all the issues you raise are fully investigated.

If you have a disability that prevents you from putting your complaint in writing we can make alternative arrangements to take your complaint where you can call us on 0141 204 2230 where we will take a note of your complaint and read it back to you to ensure we capture the details accurately.

The General Manager will acknowledge and investigate your complaint. Your complaint is referred to them initially as they have the knowledge and expertise in the area of your complaint to help resolve your problem. They are also responsible for addressing any issues of poor customer service you may have received from our staff.

The General Manager will respond to you directly, normally within ten working days of the date your complaint was acknowledged.

We hope that once you receive our response to your complaint your problem will have been resolved, and that our response will have addressed all your concerns.

Stage 2 complaints

If you are unhappy with the response you receive or wish to pursue your complaint further, you can make a Stage 2 complaint. When you receive our Stage 1 response you are advised how to submit a complaint at Stage 2.

To make a Stage 2 complaint you must explain why the response that you have received at Stage 1 has not answered your complaint. At Stage 2 your complaint is referred to the Chief Executive Officer or a member of the Senior Management Team (excluding the General Manager who will have responded to you initially).

You should receive a response within 10 working days from the date your complaint was acknowledged.

Stage 3 complaints

Occasionally some students wish to continue their complaint to Stage 3. When you receive our response to your complaint at Stage 2, you are given instructions on how to submit a Stage 3 complaint.

At Stage 3 your complaint is referred to a nominated Director, who will have final responsibility for such matters. A full and detailed investigation will be undertaken, including a review of the way your complaint has been handled. This is the final stage of the Institute’s internal procedures. On completion of your Stage 3 complaint you are issued with a completion of procedures letter.

You should receive a response within 15 days from the date your complaint was acknowledged.
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