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Can I study your course if I don’t have any formal qualifications?
Can I use prior learning to gain exemption from your introductory course?
Will I be able to change my course?
Do I receive personal tuition?
What do you mean by the terms ‘clinical’ and ‘pastoral’?
Can I study at continuing professional development level?
Why should I study with the Institute of Counselling?
What is the Institute of Counselling?
Are your courses accredited?
Which universities credit rate your courses?
Will I be able to practice as a counsellor after taking a course with you?
Your courses seem very good value, why is this?
Can I pay the course by instalments?
Are there any entry requirements?
How do I enrol?
What kind of educational and administration support can I expect?
How long does a typical module last?
Are there any examinations?
I am new to Online/Distance Learning, will I benefit from it?
Can I study more than one module at a time?
Do I have to wait until the start of a term to enrol?
How will I receive my course materials?
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