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The Modern World of Counselling including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Counselling and CBT were once the exclusive domain of the professional therapist, but no longer. New insights into human behaviour have helped remove the subject's mystique, making the activity more client-focused and therefore more approachable as a topic of training. With the courses, techniques and support of the Institute's tutors, counselling skills or CBT skills can be acquired by anyone ready and willing to learn.

The background of current students

We currently have students from: nursing, teaching, social work, voluntary sector, clergy and pastoral, human resources, prison services, probationary services, police officers … as well as people simply looking to make a career change or extend their current qualifications.

What kind of course do I need? How will I learn? What can you offer me?

  1. Our Certificate Course is appropriate when a student is either entering counselling or has a specific need such as expanding knowledge and skills in grief and bereavement counselling.
  2. Our Diploma Course is appropriate when a student wishes to extend their level of expertise and practice beyond certificate and gain more indepth knowledge and skills. 
  3. What is our method of teaching?
  4. If English is not my dominant language what proficiency level do I need to complete the course?
  5. What is the difference between CPD courses and University Accredited Courses?
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