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Applying for Membership

The Institute of Counselling is a charitable Institute, whose mission is to provide high quality training and promote the development of counselling education.

One of our specific aims at the Institute of Counselling is the provision of counselling services for individuals and groups. Another important aim is to provide opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD). Our membership department is responsible for ensuring that members are supplied with the latest information in counselling or CBT practices.

The Institute of Counselling understands and incorporates the needs, values and perspectives of each individual. We are committed to providing an inclusive culture in which all individuals are encouraged to participate fully. We support growth, when necessary, through developing individual's knowledge and skills within their role and the wider profession.

The Institute of Counselling provides five grades of membership

  • Student Member
  • Member
  • Associate Professional Member
  • Full Member
  • Senior Member

Please visit our Membership Grades Page for detailed information and guidance on our membership grades,and the application process for each grade of membership: Membership Grades

Please contact one of our membership advisors by telephone on 0141 204 2230 or by email at: with any questions or to request a membership application form. 


Qualifications and Experience


When applying for membership of the Institute of Counselling we recognise the skills, qualifications and experience that each individual has acquired within their roles, our membership application process reflects our inclusive culture and understanding of what each individual brings to their role and their profession.

We accept qualifications at certificate, diploma, degree and postgraduate level that have a defined level and number of credits, some of which include regulated qualifications frameworks such as Ofqual qualifications, SCQF credit rated qualifications, CQFW qualifications, among others. We also accept awards recognised by professional bodies within relevant professions. Please contact one of our membership advisors if you require further guidance and information.

Within your application you should also include continual professional development (CPD) events and seminars that you have attended, which demonstrates that you are undertaking continual professional development within a particular field or industry.


We recognise different backgrounds, knowledge and skills of each individual from the experience you have acquired within a work context to the knowledge and understanding you may have acquired within an academic context.

We have members from a wide range of backgrounds some of these include teaching, healthcare, social work, nursing, chaplaincy, counselling and psychotherapy, coaching or mentoring, management or one of the other caring and/or helping professions.

When applying for a grade of membership with the Institute of Counselling, we will take into account the experience you have gained within your role and within a particular profession.

Application Process

We avoid unnecessary complexities in our application process, and we provide candidates for membership the opportunity to communicate their experience, practice, CPD undertaken and qualifications. If you are looking to become a Full Member, we can provide guidance and requirements to become a Full Member of the Institute of Counselling. 

Whether you are just beginning your studies or have been a practitioner in the caring fields and helping fields for many years, we can assist you in finding a membership grade that suits you.

If you have any unspent convictions, any offences or restrictions that prevent you working with adults and children then you are required to notify the Institute of Counselling of this.

Guidance and Support

Find out what professional membership with the Institute of Counselling can do for you.

If you are not sure which membership grade to apply for, please contact one of our membership advisors by telephone on 0141 204 2230, or you can contact our Membership Secretary directly by email at: One of our advisors will be happy to provide you with further information and guidance.

The Institute of Counselling's membership team will provide you with guidance and updates throughout your membership with the Institute of Counselling.

Membership FAQ's

To view further information on Membership of the Institute of Counselling, please visit our Membership FAQ's page: Membership FAQ's

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