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One of our specific aims at the Institute of Counselling is the provision of counselling services for individuals and groups. Another important aim is to provide opportunities for continuing professional development. Our membership department is responsible for ensuring that members are supplied with the latest information in counselling or CBT skills and practices.

There are currently three grades of membership: Student, Associate and Full Member.

  • Student membership - this is granted automatically for 12 months from the date of course enrolment.
  • Associate Membership - to apply a student must have completed his/her course of study.
  • Full Membership - the application must be supported by two referees, one personal and one professional   and the name and details of the practice supervisor.

Please phone Alice Faulds our Membership Secretary on 0141 204 2230 for an application form and response to any questions you may have. 

Still unsure about what to do next? Call us on +44 (0) 141 204 2230