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Distance/Online Learning

All the Institute‚Äôs courses are modular and are available through distance/online learning on a part-time basis. Most modules consist of 10 lessons supplemented by tutor-marked assignments and may take up to an estimated 200 hours of study.

In the case of the Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling  Skills course which carries Higher Education credits, it is estimated that each module will involve 300 hours of study. Modules are designed to be completed within 6 months, it is appreciated that participants on part-time courses frequently have to combine their learning with other duties and responsibilities.

Complete your Certificate course in 2 weeks or 6 months or your two module Diploma course in 2 weeks or 12 months- it's up to you.

Distance/Online Learning involves studying at home or at work in a way which suits your individual circumstances.  It is now regarded by many as an effective method of learning with the flexibility to match individual needs particularly when there is a requirement to combine work with a course of study.

Distance/Online Learning at the Institute of Counselling

  • is both flexible and adaptable
  • matches your pace of learning  to your personal  circumstances
  • does not require prior educational qualifications
  • is supported by tutors who offer guidance and encouragement

Any supplementary material is easy to understand, clearly explains the theoretical concepts which are used by experts, and the assignments and case studies help you to apply the skills you are learning. Recordings of real life counselling sessions, as well as helpful explanations to illustrate the principles and skills involved can be found on our YouTube channel:

As you progress through your studies, the materials utilised will enable you to build up your own reference library to develop the skills and knowledge you will need to enhance your own individual counselling style.


The main learning resource is the distance learning/online learning pack supplemented by case studies. Assignments include analyses of case study problems, evaluated by tutors.

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