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Diploma in Social Care

Why take this course

The Diploma in Social care is designed to meet the needs of those who have an interest in social care or are already employed in this area. It is particularly suited to social carers and those who work in related disciplines whether professional or voluntary. It is also suitable for students of social care or related studies.

Learning Method

On-Line/Distance Learning


Course Details

Course Number: 640
Course Fee: £529.00
You can pay the full price or pay a deposit of £89.00 (0% APR), followed by 6 monthly payments of £73.00
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Course Info
Course Content

Module 1 (Course 640A) - The Social Care Environment and Application
This module will look at social care: skills and qualities; human lifespan development; social care and professional issues; communication skills and social care; working with clients in society coping skills for working with families: working with clients in care homes; management skills and social care staff and social care ethics and practice.

Module 1 includes the following topics:
  • The Social Care World
  • Social Care Qualities and Skills
  • Human Life Span Development
  • Social Care and Professional Issues
  • Social Care and Professional Issues
  • Working with Clients in the Community
  • Skills for Working with Families
  • Working with Clients in Care Homes
  • Management Skills and Social Care Staff
  • Social Care Ethics and Practice

Module 2 (Course 640B) - Professional Practice
This module will build on the work of module 1 and will look primarily at: attitudes to social care; working in social care; professional boundaries and responsibilities; social care for the elderly; social care for single parents; social care for for addiction clients; social care for youth; social care practice supervision; professional practice issues.

Module 2 includes the following topics:
  • Professional Boundaries and Responsibilities
  • Social Care for the Elderly
  • Social Care for Addiction Clients
  • Social Care Practice Supervision
  • Professional Practice Issues

Materials supplied with the course
The course manual will be supplied in PDF and Word format. The course materials consist of 15 lessons and 4 tutor marked assignments, supplemented with suggested background reading. The Manual will be supplied with individual exercises you can complete with a colleague or friend and the 2 assignments per module will examine your knowledge of the materials you have studied. The assignments will be assessed by your Tutor who will also offer support and constructive feedback. Additionally there will be a list of recommended text books which will enhance your learning experience.

Linkages to other courses
Although this is a stand alone Diploma you may also wish to consider gathering foundation counselling skills as part of your personal tool-kit. If you do you may wish to look at (Course 121) Certificate in Counselling.

Credit Rated or CPD
At the end of the course you will receive your Institute Diploma and a Certificate of Continued Professional Development. Although this is a non-credit rated course it is aimed at meeting the needs of those studying or already employed in a social care environment. 

Cost - £529.00
You can pay the full price or pay a deposit of £89.00,
followed by 6 monthly payments of £73.00

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