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The A.S.K Qualification

Why take this course?

This is a popular course for Counsellors, Therapists and Coaches and also those that aspire to become an A.S.K. Facilitator. The A.S.K. Technique is a globally used cognitive method that helps Counsellors shift their client’s issues and ingrained habits very quickly. The A.S.K. Technique has been featured in The Sunday Express, Huffungton Post, Psychology Today and TEDx. This 10 module online course will provide you with a preliminary understanding of the skills and practice of counselling, as well as in depth study of psychology and human behaviour. Finally, you will learn how to use The A.S.K. Technique on your clients for any issue they are dealing with. Similar to NLP and CBT, A.S.K. is a proven method for cognitive and behavioural rewiring. Upon completion of the course, you can be immediately added as a Facilitator to the A.S.K. website and get paid to carry out online sessions.

Learning Method
On-Line/Distance Learning Plus 5 Sessions Direct with A.S.K. Creator – Kelly Armatage.


Course Details

Course Number: ASK
Course Fee: £995.00
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Course Content
This 10 module online course provides a comprehensive overview of psychology and learned behaviours. It is designed to be completed within 2 - 6 months of part-time study, although should you require it, this period may be extended.

Your course, The A.S.K. Qualification includes the following topics::
  • Introduction to The A.S.K. Technique
  • What is Emotional Pain 
  • The Study Of Thought Perceptions
  • What Are Learned Behaviours & Ingrained Habits
  • The Study of Psychological Pay-Offs
  • How To Create Change Through Subconscious Rewiring
  • The Study of Life Lessons
  • Basic Counselling Skills
  • How To Facilitate The A.S.K. Technique for Past Trauma & Ingrained Habits
  • Using The A.S.K. Technique As A Proven Method For Any Client Issue
  • Professional Practice & Online Marketing Skills

Materials supplied with this course
The course materials includes comprehensive course notes (knowledge and practice). The course consists of 10 modules online and 5 online sessions with A.S.K. Creator – Kelly Armatage, supplemented with videos to provide insights into the skills and techniques used by professional Therapists and Coaches. 

Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate as an A.S.K. Facilitator, accredited via the largest coaching federation in the world, The ICF, (The International Coaching Federation).

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