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Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring

Why take this course?
This course equips you in the knowledge and skills of coaching and mentoring.

Coaching is rooted in developmental psychology and is commonly applied in organisational settings. Coaching is associated with team building, executive coaching, management coaching, life-skills coaching, career development and personal and professional development.

Mentoring is associated with positive personal and professional growth, career outcomes and development. You will learn the skills, techniques and in depth insights of mentoring. In the role of mentor, you will contract and develop with your client a highly personal yet professional relationship that is creative, dynamic and intentional resulting in a positive outcome.

Mentoring enables the individual to develop a greater sense of fulfillment, role identification, internal authority and identity, that results in a greater level of competency and personal satisfaction.

Learning Method

On-line/Distance Learning


Course Details

Course Number: 1400
Course Fee: £529.00
You can pay the full price or pay a deposit of £89.00 (0% APR), followed by 6 monthly payments of £73.33
Additional Information
Course Info
Course Content
The Diploma is an amalgam of the Certificate in Coaching (course 610) and the Certificate in Mentoring (course 620).

Module 1, Certificate in Coaching includes the following topics:
  • Defining coaching
  • Describing the coaching process
  • The tasks of a coach
  • Seven steps to developing a good coach-client relationship
  • Understanding and identifying different ‘learning styles’
  • Attitude and perception management
  • Coaching through life’s transitions
  • Coaching core values
  • Systems coaching: working with groups (including companies, organisations, families and the community)
  • Ethical guidelines for coaches

Module 2, Certificate in Mentoring includes the following topics:
  • Defining and describing the mentoring process
  • Mentoring in the corporate and professional world
  • Mentoring in the community
  • Essential mentor qualities
  • Essential skills in mentoring
  • Self-awareness: including defining the relationship
  • Issues of integrity: including, “what if things go wrong?”
  • Mentoring as a way of life

Materials supplied with this course
20 lessons, 10 tutor marked assignments, supplemented with suggested background reading. The materials for module two are normally sent out following successful completion of module one.

Linkages to other courses
Course UE1000 consists of two modules each independently credit rated with 20 credit points although this course covers similar detail to course 1400 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring, is subject to more academic rigour. See course UE1000 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring for more details.

Credit Rated or CPD

In addition to the course certificate awarded by the Institute successful candidates are also awarded a certificate of CPD for their portfolio. Should you require academic credit rating please see the note above on linkages to other courses.

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